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Oliver Twist – the story of a street urchin
A musical production by teatro

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On 18th July 2013 the new teatro musical “Oliver Twist – the story of a street urchin” had its premiere in the Mödling Stadttheater. Charles Dickens’ tale of Oliver Twist provides the inspiration for this piece. The story tells of a street child caught up in the forces of good and evil. It is presented here as a musical for children, in a show which is both poetic and touching. Intended for young and old alike, and staged by children, young people and professionals, this is musical theatre without any parallel in Austria. Let the enthusiasm and abilities of our young performers and their professional colleagues entice you away into a captivating new world. As we all know: when tomorrow comes, today will just be yesterday!

Ticket prices: € /30 /24 /18 Box office seats: € 37
Children and young people: € 17/15/10

  • book: Norbert Holoubek
  • music: Walter Lochmann
  • music & director: Norberto Bertassi
  • musical director: Frizz Fischer
  • choreography: Kathleen Bauer
  • costume: Angelika Pichler
  • set design: Vittorio Greco