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Es war einmal... Oder doch nicht? Es war einmal... Oder doch nicht?

Once upon a time … or maybe not?
A multi-faceted, fabulous fairy tale fusion.

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A multi-faceted, fabulous fairy tale fusion that will leave not a dry eye in the house. With sweet young Little Red Riding Hood, a Big Bad Wolf with gay tendencies, and some maniacal witches. Sharply-written characters, interesting sets, moments of side-splitting comedy, all in a single play! This piece has an unusual casting configuration, and been written, staged and produced entirely by young people. The majority of parts are performed by Dorian Kalwach and Christoph Stocker and their team (which predominantly comprises students from the  Senior Class of the Vienna Boys’ Choir High School), as well as the actor Valerie Bast, Robert Herzl and others.

Things get tough for the family of six when the King suddenly introduces a one-child policy to his realm. The father and stepmother are forced to get rid of their children in an orderly fashion. They start that  very same night by sending the first two into exile. Over time, the parents find it becomes easier to send the children away, and so eventually they are left with just one child. At first the abandoned children have a difficult time. But much later, they learn the colossal secret that their father and stepmother kept hidden from them. Exciting adventures are in store for all five of the abandoned children, and they have to overcome the challenges that await them.

Tickets: €18 / Student Club, children and young people € 12