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One World
A New Year concert that transcends national boundaries, with the Bochabela String Orchestra from South Africa

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The Bochabela String Orchestra hails from South Africa, and its players are ambassadors for the Mangaung String Programme. The Orchestra embraces the “One World” concept through a style which is both moving and exciting. When the band strikes up, we all sense the same thing: we belong together, and we share responsibility for a world that offers a decent life to all who live in it. The Standard had this to say about their 2014 concert in Vienna: “These young people are clearly inspired by the music. They aroused the audience to such an extent that listeners forgot the usual concert decorum and broke into applause between movements. The customary “Thank you and goodnight” at the end of the evening was followed by several standing ovations. And rightly so.” Proceeds from this tour will be used to fund degree courses for three musicians, building a future for the Mangaung String Programme. When the American basso profondo Peter Guy first launched his string project in the townships of Bloemfontein in 1996, no-one could have foreseen its remarkable success. It has been a story of hope triumphant. Through the Mangaung String Programme, over 500 children and young people — including their ambassadors, the Bochabelas — are finding purpose, hope and perspective.

With a programme embracing both traditional South African music and the classics, the Bochabela String Orchestra has already captivated audiences in cities such as Vienna, Salzburg, Berlin, Bremen and Zürich. This is a “New Year concert with a difference; a concert that knows no national boundaries”. Its aim is to bring pleasure and to campaign for a world where we delight in the different, the “foreign”, rather than fear it. Featuring works by Tchaikovsky and Simon Frick and traditional African music.

Tickets: €15; Children and young people: €8

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