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Sixtus Preiss (C) Astrid Knie

ONLINE: Promenade concert
Ulrich Drechsler / Das Buch der Klänge Vol. I / “Tiefe” (The Depths)

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MuTh ventures out in the open. Come along to a promenade concert!
This is the name for our new concert format, designed for all those who like to take a meandering musical stroll. These concerts allow the audience to plunge into the world of music from MuTh’s side stage, with no restrictions whatsoever.

To kick off our promenade concerts, Ulrich Drechsler — woodwind player, composer, producer, and master of musical styles ranging from jazz to dance music — opens his “Book of Sounds”. For each concert in this new series Drechsler invites an acclaimed performer from the world of Indie, pop or electronica to join him in a spontaneous act of creation, delving into individual sounds. These are small-scale, intimate journeys; explorations into the very heart of music. They start by “plumbing the depths”. Sixtus Preiss (Affine Records) is a drummer, electronic musician and producer, and one of the most innovative figures on the electronica and jazz scene in Vienna today. Together, Drechsler and Preiss explore “the depths”, using bass drum, live electronics, and a few woodwind instruments.

Das Buch der Klänge (The Book of Sounds)
What does snow sound like? What is the sound of courage? What noise does silk make? One thing is certain: without sound as a raw material, there would be no music of any kind — no classical, pop, rock, electronica, jazz, soul, or World music. All of this comes from sound. This tiny, fundamental particle is the reason why music affects us so emotionally. It’s the reason why we go to concerts, why music stays with us throughout our lives, and why music is an essential part of being human.