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Nikolaus Habjan, Fotocredit: Moritz Schell Nikolaus Habjan, Fotocredit: Moritz Schell

Opera? Go whistle!
Concilium musicum Wien

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The art of whistling musical pieces — an art which is virtually unknown today — first came to prominence in the 19th century. It was popular among  the Austrian upper classes, especially so during the time when the Schrammel brothers were performing. Professional whistlers appeared in Viennese variety shows, cabarets and popular theatres. The best-known whistler in Vienna at that time was Hans Tranquillini, who performed under the stage name of Baron Jean. A hackney carriage driver by trade, he appeared with the brothers Josef and Johann Schrammel, and was a particular favourite of Crown Prince Rudolf. In this concert Concilium musicum Wien, founded by Paul and Christoph Angerer, perform some of the best-loved melodies from operas and operettas written over a period stretching over three centuries. Puppeteer and Nestroy Prizewinner Nikolaus Habjan whistles opera with an artistry which is both impressive and fascinating.

Tickets: Band A €30/ B €25/ C €20; box seats €40
Children and young people: A €20 / B €15 / C €9

  • Professional whistling: Nikolaus Habjan