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PARADE PARADE Foto: (c) Haari Weber

Karin Schäfer Figuren Theater / Visual Theatre meets Urban Dance

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PARADE is based on the legendary collaboration that took place in Paris between Jean Cocteau, Pablo Picasso and Erik Satie in 1917. Together with choreographer Valentin Alfery, Karin Schäfer brings this ballet – which was revolutionary in its day, and was truly the very first piece of multimedia theatre – back to the stage in a new format: as a blend of urban dance and visual theatre.

Inspired by a diverse range of Picasso’s works, the basic concept of Cubism is brought to life. Piece by piece, the individual theatrical elements of puppets, props and settings draw together with the music of Erik Satie (played here in a piano version for four hands) into a series of theatrical collages, thereby creating a multitude of fresh images and new perspectives.

Tickets: €35/ €30/ €25; box seats €40; Student Club, children and young people: €20/ €15/ €9



  • Ensemble: Karin Schäfer Figuren Theater
  • Director: Karin Schäfer
  • Choreographer: Valentin Alfery
  • Puppeteer: Karin Schäfer
  • Puppeteer: Almut Schäfer-Kubelka
  • Dance: Cat Jimenez
  • Dance: Patrick Gutensohn
  • Dance: Valentin Alfery
  • Piano: Ardita Statovci
  • Piano: Ariane Haering