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Pata, pata!
A rather different Advent concert, featuring the Bochabela String Orchestra (from South Africa) and the superar Youth Choir

* abgespielt

This is probably the most unusual string orchestra in the world. Whenever its members appear, there is always plenty of bowing, drumming, singing and dancing – their performances are full of enthusiasm, and express the sheer vitality of Africa.
So it’s no surprise that every concert in their last tour of Austria in 2012 was completely sold out. These were Advent concerts of a different kind, which got everyone in the mood for a genuinely Merry Christmas.
The “Bochabelas” are here as ambassadors from the Mangaung String Programme. The story behind this programme is a triumph of hope: when the American double bass player Peter Guy launched the programme in 1998, no-one could have guessed that within 16 years it would blossom into an expanding spiritual home for more than 500 young people from the townships in and around Bloemfontein. The Mangaung String Programme has brought hope to many young people from the townships, and enabled them to find prospects for the future – and a way forward to a fulfilling life.

Works by:
J. S. Bach, F. Schubert, A. Dvorák, J. Strauss Senior and African Traditionals

All net proceeds from these concerts will go to the Mangaung String Programme.

Standard price: € 15; Children up to 15: € 5; Students: € 8.

If you want to support the project financially:
«musik in der pforte», Bochabela String Orchestra
Account no. 031-007/42976, Sparkasse Feldkirch BLZ 20604

Und als die jungen Afrikaner singend und tanzend das Lied vom Wälderbähle intonierten, kochte die Stimmung im bis auf den letzten Platz besetzten Kulturhaus und riss die Leute von den Sitzen.
(Neue Vorarlberger Tageszeitung)