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phil Blech at MuTh
Brass ensemble with percussion / Directed by: Anton Mittermayr

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The idea of creating a brass ensemble with two percussionists first arose during a Philharmonic concert tour in 2010. phil Blech Wien comprises 15 musical personalities from renowned Viennese orchestras, all friends and colleagues who trained in Vienna. The ensemble consists of five trumpets, three horns, three trombones, one tuba, two percussionists and their musical director.

The repertoire – works from the operatic and symphonic literature – is a perfect fit for the group. The arrangements, which are all the ensemble’s own, not only allow every instrument to shine and each musician to demonstrate his abilities; they also enable the music to be heard in a whole new way.

phil Blech Wien played at the gala opening of our concert hall in December 2012 and gained their widest audience to date in the interval film of our 2013 New Year concert.


Richard Strauss: Fanfare der Wiener Philharmoniker

Franz Liszt:
Ave Maria
Künstlerfestzug zur Schiller-Feier 1859

Anton Bruckner:
Adagio from Symphony No. 7 in E major (v

  • trumpet: Helmut Fuchs
  • trumpet: Thomas Fleissner
  • trumpet: Jürgen Pöchhacker
  • trumpet: Alexander Mayer
  • trumpet: Bernhard Pronebner
  • horn: Lars Michael Stransky
  • horn: Ronald Janezic
  • horn: Wolfgang Lindner
  • trombones: Andreas Eitzinger
  • trombones: Wolfgang Strasser
  • trombones: Mark Gaal
  • tuba: Paul Halwax
  • percussion: Benjamin Schmidinger
  • percussion: Peter Dullnig
  • musical director: Anton Mittermayr