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piano meets percussion
Works by Maurice Ravel, Leonard Bernstein and Flip Philipp

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Using two pianos and the rich variety of tonal colours offered by two sets of percussion, four exceptional musicians play their own compositions, along with works by Ravel and Bernstein, in a unique and rhythmically riveting style. Since 2012, the prizewinners of the ARD 2010 music competition, the piano duo Johanna Gröbner & Veronika Trisko, together with the Vienna Philharmonic’s two percussionists, Flip Philipp & Thomas Schindl, have formed an unmistakable musical entity in their project “piano meets percussion”.

Flip Philipp’s “Overture for Hands“ is a lively, exuberant concert-opener composed specially for the ensemble. It is followed by Maurice Ravel’s landmark pieces “La Valse” and “Bolero”, interpreted here in a chamber music format in a new arrangement by Thomas Schindl. Leonard Bernstein’s “Candide Overture” and his “Symphonic Dances from West Side Story” form the second part of this energetic concert programme.

Come and enjoy an evening of fascinating sounds and rousing rhythms.

Flip Philipp: Ouverture for Hands
Maurice Ravel: La Valse
Maurice Ravel: Bolero
Leonard Bernstein: Candide Ouverture
Leonard Bernstein: Symphonic Dances from West Side Story

Tickets: € 24/20/16, Box seats € 24
Children and young people € 12