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SEVEN on Tour!

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The acapella boy band with that certain something. From classics to pop – completely new and completely different. They were the 2015 winners of the ratings-topping ORF show “Große Chance der Chöre” (Opportunity Knocks for Choirs). Their debut album “Seven” (released on 26th June 2015 on the Sony Ariola label) came straight into the Top Ten of the charts – at number seven! And they’re on their way to international success. Their dream – to have a world tour. Now they’re finally singing in front of live audiences. The group make a joyous sound, and they have the prestige of a classical seal background. They have a pep and liveliness about them – you could call them piquant. Or Piccanto even. These seven lads have learned the craft of singing and making music from top to bottom. They started out at the Salzburg Musische Gymnasium. And it certainly shows – their voices and musical abilities rate as first-class, in any genre! And now these seven likeable Salzburgers, with their charm and their wonderful voices, are all set to take the concert stage by storm. They will be performing songs from their current album “Seven”. And there’ll be room for a few surprise numbers as well! Tickets: € 30/25/20 Schoolchildren and Students: € 18/15/12

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