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Pirate Jenny
or A journey through the life of the great Lotte Lenya through her songs / with Andrea Eckert

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Andrea Eckert sings and narrates tales from the life of Lotte Lenya, who rose from the Ameisgasse in Vienna’s 14th district to conquer the world’s great stages. From Vienna she made her way to the USA via Zürich, Berlin and Paris. But she did not just become a star on Broadway: she was Brecht’s Pirate Jenny, Kurt Weill’s wife, Fräulein Schneider in Cabaret and the renegade KGB agent Rosa Klebb in From Russia With Love. Lotte Lenya, who has been somewhat forgotten in her home town, had an extremely eventful life in which were reflected all the heights and the depths of the last century.

“ …Eckert brings passion and melancholy to the songs of Brecht and Weill, Vienna Lieder, chansons and popular hits. Wonderful!”

Tickets: €28/23/18; box seats €38; children and young people: €20/15

  • Andrea Eckert
  • Piano: Benjamin Schatz