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Piraten wie wir, Foto: Copyright: Mike Kunstek

Piraten wie wir (Pirates like us)
The impatient heart

* abgespielt

Boe Bovery, the tough captain of a dilapidated pirate ship, sets sail in search of gold, along with her crazy crew . With her young prisoner Savannah on board, she and her pirate girls head for a distant island which is shrouded in legend and mystery. Savannah is to be handed over to the alchemist Enrique Roberta Wesome, who has made the island his home. For it has been said that the alchemist knows how to turn lead into gold, but will only reveal the secret to whoever who brings him a maiden. When they arrive at the island, the pirate girls think they have reached their goal, and their dreams are about to come true. But then everything takes a completely different turn …

“Piraten wie wir” is a musical comedy, with songs composed specifically for the production by Violetta Kargina. Book, direction and choreography are by Mike Loewenrosen. Following his vampire musical “Was wir im Dunkeln tun” (What we do in the dark), which also received its premiere here at MuTh, he has now decided to tackle a piratical theme.

Tickets: Adults: €22/18/14; Box seats € 32; MuTh Club Students, children, young people and military personnel: €13/10/8; Wheelchair users: €9