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Pulchra ut luna, electa ut sol – Christmas Concert by the Vienna Boys’ Choir
The Vienna Boys' Choir and Guests / Chorus Viennensis / Chorus Juventus / WSK Sinfonietta /Artistic director: Gerald Wirth

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Celebrate Christmas at MuTh with the Vienna Boys’ Choir!

The Virgin Mary is venerated in a various cultures and religions, and in a variety of forms. She appears in Islam, Judaism, Christianity and Hinduism, standing with lions or on a crescent moon, at the crib and by the cross; her predecessors can be found in antiquity.

The 2013 Vienna Boys’ Choir Christmas Concert is a festival for Mary, the mother of God, the wise virgin, as lovely as the moon and as favoured as the sun. The music ranges from the Gregorian to the modern, with motets and Christmas carols: thoughtful, sensitive, celebratory music. Also in the programme: “Jauchzet, frohlocket”, the opening chorus from J. S. Bach’s Christmas Oratorio – surely there can be no finer start to the most important festival in the calendar.
Films by Curt Faudon will both accompany and offer interpretations of the music and texts.

Ticket prices: Band A € 45 / B € 39 / C € 32; Box seats € 55,
Children and young people: A € 20 / B € 15 / C € 9

  • artistic director, conceptual design: Gerald Wirth
  • conceptual design: Curt Faudon
  • conceptual design: Tina Breckwoldt