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Pure Beethoven
The Stanford Symphony Orchestra, led by Mr Jindong Cai.

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The programme comprises works by Ludwig van Beethoven:
Overture from “Egmont”, Op. 84; Symphony No. 4; Symphony No. 5

A benefit concert in aid of the “Europahaus des Kindes” project, Vienna.

The orchestra is touring “in Beethoven’s footsteps”. Vienna is the last stop in a tour which has already included concerts in Bonn, Berlin, Leipzig, Prague and Teplice.
The orchestra is composed of Stanford University students who come from a wide range of academic disciplines. Alongside their usual studies, they receive professional musical training which enables them to pursue their enthusiasm for classical music and perform it with a freshness and a passion which inspires even the most seasoned classical music audiences. The musicians, most of whom come from the USA, are led by their conductor Jindong Cai, from China.

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