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Q202 Studio Tour, 2014

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The Q202 Studio Tour will take place in MuTh again this year.
On the 25th, 26th and 27th April, between 14:00 and 21:00, there will be free admission to 73 studios and artists’ spaces in Leopoldstadt and Brigittenau, and in satellite locations in many other districts of Vienna.

Here at MuTh we again have two guest artists this year:
Stefan Wanka (video installations) and Gerhard Kohlbauer  (paintings and installations)


this is
an exhibition which is self-contained, independent in its pictures and objects, yet which simultaneously refers to the outstanding structured spatial quality of the MUTH architecture
it gives rise to
an interaction between the pictorial and the objective, and between vision and place the exhibition includes

oil paintings composed using parallel light shift / wandering shadows in sunlight

tondos, round paintings – round objects: the flow and dissolution of gravity

a figurative representation: vertical, turnable wire sculpture

sketches, collages and graphic pieces complete the presentation

areas of work are large-format oil paintings for foyers,

sculptures specifically produced for a particular architecture or location, and water objects for public spaces