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Reincarnation – back from the shadows to a full life
A musical production by OPmusicbridge

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The tiniest flame can drive away the deepest darkness. That is the core of the story in this World Music musical by a group of artists known as “Artzts without Borders”. A young woman encounters the desperate harshness that life can bring, and slides into a hopeless limbo between life and death. Thanks to the hands and voices of others, she once more sees the beauty in life, and is able to spread light and warmth herself. This is the story of a candle that want to be lit, delivered through classical, oriental and contemporary music.

Tickets: €45/40/25; box seats €100; Student Club, children and young people: €20

  • Music: Artzts without Borders
  • Book and direction: Osamah Al-Basha
  • Director: Praveet Chandra