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Requiem by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Chorus Juventus / Orchester 1756
Chorus Juventus / Orchester 1756

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Mozart’s “Requiem” is one of the most widely recognised pieces of sacred music written for choir and orchestra. A whole host of explanations have been offered for this: the legendary story of its commission, the young composer’s closeness to death, his inability to complete the work, and many more besides. But what is certain is that its unfathomable beauty and depth have ensured its continuing popularity.
The Vienna Boys’ Choir’s Chorus Juventus perform here with specially selected soloists from “Orchester 1756”, an ensemble which plays period instruments from the time of Mozart.

Requiem by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, KV 626
The Vienna Boys’ Choir’s Chorus Juventus Production: Norbert Brandauer, Stefan Kaltenböck Conductor: Norbert Brandauer
Orchester 1756, playing period instruments

  • Tenor: Gernot Heinrich
  • Bass: Johannes Gisser
  • Soprano: Ursula Langmayer
  • Orchester 1756
  • Conductor: Norbert Brandauer
  • Chorus Juventus
  • Alto: Mitglied der Wiener Sängerknaben