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Young Masters Ensemble, Foto: Andrey Ostroverkhov Young Masters Ensemble, Foto: Andrey Ostroverkhov

Rising Stars of Classical Music
Vienna Lions Club presents leading lights from the mdw/ JSBM Young Masters Programme

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This Lions Club Gala Concert features talented musicians from the “Young Masters Ensemble“, performing a varied programme of selected solo and orchestral pieces.

The concert will be staged on 5th November, as part of the Year of Beethoven. It was originally scheduled to be held in May 2020, but unfortunately this proved impossible due to the coronavirus crisis.

These Gala Concerts are organised by the Vienna Host Lions Club. The proceeds will go to those who, through no fault of their own, find themselves suffering hardship. The aim is to provide them with material and personal support to enable them to make a fresh start in life. The concert will be followed by a small reception with filled rolls and drinks.

The Young Masters Programme is an open sponsorship initiative for gifted young musicians from the mdw (the University of Music and Performing Arts, Vienna) and the Johann Sebastian Bach Musikschule (JSBM).

Selected solo and orchestral pieces
Tickets: €47; free choice of seating