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Young Masters in the MuTh Young Masters in the MuTh, Foto:(c) Jorge Daniel Valencia

Rising Stars of Classical Music
LIONS Gala Concert featuring leading lights from the Young Masters programme

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The Young Masters programme is an open scheme to promote particularly enthusiastic young talents from the University of Music and Performing Arts, Vienna and the Johann Sebastian Bach Musikschule.
By hosting this benefit concert, the Lions Club of Vienna is honouring the Lions movement’s commitments to culture, to encouraging young people and promoting talent. The proceeds from this concert will go to those who, through no fault of their own, find themselves suffering hardship. The aim is to provide these people with material and personal support to enable them to make a fresh start.

The concert will be followed by a small reception with filled rolls and drinks.

31st May, 19:00 / Tickets: €47

The “Young Masters Ensemble”, with special guests: Dominik Wagner, double bass / Katharina Hörmann, oboe / Raffaele Gianotti, bassoon: / Vera Karner, clarinet: / Belle Ting, violin

  • Double bass: Dominik Wagner
  • Oboe: Katharina Hörman
  • Bassoon: Raffaele Gianotti
  • Clarinet: Vera Karner
  • Violin: Belle Ting