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Rite of Summer
ImPulsTanz / Trajal Harrell & Pro Series Participants

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After Igor Stravinsky and Vaslav Nijinsky first brought the Rites of Spring to the stage in 1913 – creating a scandal at its premiere – numerous other choreographers tackled the piece. These include such famous artists as Mary Wigman, Maurice Béjart, and Pina Bausch, as well as Christine Gaigg in this year’s festival. Now New York choreographer Trajal Harrell, who opens ImPulsTanz 2013 and is known for creating collisions between the dance hall shows of Sixties Harlem and the avant-garde movement of the day, adds his name to the list. Working here with a group of research participants, he transposes the Rites of Spring into the season of summer. A shimmering, crackling, fascinating occasion!

Produced as part of the 2013 ImPulsTanz Festival

Tickets are only available through the ImPulsTanz Festival. Tel: (01) 712 54 00 111

  • choreography: Trajal Harrell