Musik & Theater

Ritschert, schnitzel and gefilte fish
A humorous musico-literary foray through the cultural landscape of Jewish life in Austria

* abgespielt

A benefit event in aid of the 2016 Austrian Culture Days in Tel Aviv festival
All the artist taking part in the festival are appearing here, offering the finest delicacies from their current repertoires.

The “Vienna-Tel Aviv” association is organising a festival in November 2016 for all Austrians living in Israel and their descendants. Proceeds from this morning’s programme will primarily go towards the cost of hiring venues in Israel. These funds will also help to finance admission tickets for the elderly and impoverished, and especially to provide them with transport to concerts and support during the festival.

Tickets: €45/35/25

  • Wiener Jüdischer Chor!
  • Wiener Art Schrammeln
  • Georg Markus
  • Betty Krenosz
  • Roman Grinberg Trio
  • Bela Koreny
  • Wolf Bachofner
  • Andrea Eckert
  • Tania Golden
  • Oberrabbiner Paul Chaim Eisenberg