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A story from the Orient / A production by the Vienna Boys' Choir Primary School

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Princess Shadi of Rotasia is rather troubled. She has found a book which talks of the “Countries of the World”. But the princess is fairly certain that there are no other countries in the world apart from Rotasia. Or are there?
The more the people of Rotasia try to make the little princess believe that everything in this secret book is just a myth, the more she dreams of setting out to find these other countries and their people. But it turns out that the quest is not that easy.

Rotasia is a tale of old fears and new friends; of huge dreams and tiny steps; of having the courage to dare something new, and of being prepared to take advice.


Ticket prices: Band A 15 € / B 13 € / C 11 €, Box seats 25 €
Children and young people: A 9 € / B 7 € / C 5 €