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Rù jìng wèn sú
Music from China / A Vienna Boys' Choir production

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Rù jìng wèn sú (on arriving in a foreign country, one asks about their customs)

The Vienna Boys’ Choir made their first visit to Hong Kong in 1959, and their first to Taiwan in 1967. Their first trip to Beijing took place in 1992. Their World Music project based on the Silk Road was launched in 2003; and “Between Worlds” was first performed in 2010. For Curt Faudon’s film “Silk Road”, the choristers found themselves travelling in the Gobi desert and the infamous Taklamakan desert, with songs which had their roots in 1911 field expeditions. In Pingyao, in Shanxi Province, they met a group of musicians with whom they sang “Muo li hua”, the song of the jasmine flower. They caused a sensation with a Chinese popular song which originated in the USA: “Li Ge / Song Bie” was composed by an American and discovered by a Chinese poet in Japan.

Since 2009, the Vienna Boys’ Choir has had close contact with top-flight Chinese choirs at the World Peace Choral Festival.

Ticket prices: Band A 27 € / B 24 € / C 21 €, Box seats 37 €
Children and young people: A 20 € / B 15 € / C 9 €

  • capellmeister: Oliver Stech
  • artistic director: Gerald Wirth