Musik & Theater

Samba-drummin’ in the MuTh!
with André Várkonyi

* abgespielt

Everyone – whether they realise it or not – has got rhythm inside them. Holding a rhythm for a long time is not only fun; it builds strength, and brings together body, spirit and soul! We play in a relaxed atmosphere, using typical Brazilian instruments such as Timbals, Surdos, Caixas, Agogos, Pandeiros, Tamborims, Ganzas and Cuicas. We sling the instruments around us or hold them in our hand – that way we can also move our bodies to the rhythm. The focus is on diving enthusiastically into these rhythms and playing for a long time, but intros, breaks and arrangements are also covered. First-rate instruments are provided.
The course is suitable for beginners and more advanced players alike. Beginners start off playing easy parts, and then the more advanced players add more challenging parts on top. Your own individual level is taken into account! And then, get the flow!

Number of participants: min.10, max. 60

Tickets: € 15, Children and young people € 12