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Benefizkonzert im Minoritensaal

Schiffkowitz & Schirmer
“Fürstenfeld” meets the classics

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They first came together on stage in the run-up to Christmas last year, and they clicked straight away. This was the start of their artistic collaboration. And it’s hard to imagine a partnership more bizarre or more exciting. Through his songs and his band STS, one of them made an indelible mark on Austrian pop music; the other is one of the country’s most successful classical pianists on the international stage.

SCHIFFKOWITZ and MARKUS SCHIRMER have found their own playful, creative path. When they make music together what comes to the fore is an irrepressible joy in playing and a shared delight in the
unusual. “Fürstenfeld” meets the classics, right here at MuTh. Expect to be surprised!


Tickets: €35/ €30/ €25; box seats €45; children and young people: €20/ €15/ €9