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Schoenberg Trio Wien, Foto: Lukas Beck Schoenberg Trio Wien, Foto: Lukas Beck

Schoenberg Trio Wien
Works by Haydn, Sibelius and Kodály

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Three up-and-coming young chamber musicians present some “well-known rarities” – masterpieces that are seldom heard, despite being written by composers whose work is regularly programmed. Johannes Fleischmann, Lena Fankhauser and Philipp Comploi became acquainted through their concert work, and decided to form the “Schoenberg Trio Wien”.
The multi-award winning musicians have dedicated this evening to the unifying power of the European idea, embodied here by the three composers Joseph Haydn, Jean Sibelius and Zoltán Kodály.

Tickets: €38/33/28; box seats €48; MuTh club Student, children and young people €20/15/9

String trio Op. 53 No. 3 in B major, Hob V:Anh. 3
Duo for violin and cello in D major, Hob VI: D1
String trio Op. 53 No. 1 in G major, Hob V:Anh. 1
Suite for string trio in A major
Duo for violin and viola in C major
Intermezzo for violin, viola & cello

  • Violin: Johannes Fleischmann
  • Viola: Lena Fankhauser
  • Cello: Philipp Comploi