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Swete, Foto: NancyHorowitz

Schubertiade: Dem Schäfer ist gar so weh
Kulturmittag (The Arts at Lunchtime): Martin Vácha (baritone), Alexander Swete (Guitar) and Hansgeorg Schmeiser (flute)

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In the 19th century, the guitar was a favourite instrument for accompanying art songs. Many of Franz Schubert’s Lieder were first performed to a guitar accompaniment, and were initially published in that same form. The music invokes a “pastoral mood” (as frequently mentioned in literary texts of old), which is deepened by the use of the flute. Martin Vácha (baritone) and Alexander Swete (guitar) take the stage to offer intimate interpretations in this traditional, yet nowadays seldom-seen formation. Hansgeorg Schmeiser (flute) completes the ensemble.

“Culture is that which man produces from his own design, whether it’s music, art or simply maintaining old traditions.” Keeping this statement in mind, KULTURMITTAG supports artists working in a wide range of disciplines. A social gathering is held after each performance, offering audience members the opportunity to meet the artists.

Lieder by Franz Schubert

  • Baritone: Martin Vácha
  • Guitar: Alexander Swete
  • Flute: Hansgeorg Schmeiser