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Steude Quartett in The MuTh Steude Quartett, Foto: Moritz Schell

Schumann – Schostakowitsch – Schubert
Steude Quartet in the MuTh

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Wonderful dreams, and then a rude awakening. This sequence dominates the four evenings of the Steude Quartet’s concert cycle. It’s possible that this is precisely why Schubert did not finish his 1820 quartet. Especially for Shostakovich, resignation and destruction had a tremendous impact. But that’s not all. The epilogue of his String Quartet No. 8 is so dark and eerie that it sends a shiver down the spine. Written in just three days during a stay in Dresden, this world-famous piece is dedicated “To all victims of fascism and war”. For the Steude Quartet it reflects, to some extent, our present day world and the direction of travel in certain places. But the programme starts with Schumann, for whom joy has the last word.


Robert Schumann: String quartet No. 3 in A major, Op. 41.3
Dmitri Shostakovich: String quartet No. 8 in C minor, Op. 110.
Franz Schubert: Quartet in C minor, D 703

Tickets: Band A €38/ B €33/ C €28; box seats €48
Children and young people: A €20 / B €15 / C €9

  • Violin: Volkhard Steude
  • Violin: Holger Grohe
  • Viola: Elmar Landerer
  • Cello: Wolfgang Härtl