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Shalom, Gelem.
The Vienna Boys Choir gets to grips with Jewish and Romany music

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A Vienna Boys’ Choir production

Since “Inspiration”,  their first production of World Music in 1999, the Vienna Boys’ Choir have been methodically collecting songs from every culture. Their 2001 production “Lieder der Nationen” (Songs from many countries) was followed by “Seidenstraße” (The Silk Road) in 2003, “Piraten” (Pirates) in 2004 and most recently “Zwischen Welten” (Between Different Worlds) in 2010.

The first concert of World Music to be held in MuTh embraces Jewish and Romany music. Together with Chief Cantor Shmuel Barzilai and the Janoska Ensemble with Ferry Janoska,  the Vienna Boys’ Choir  performs music by Levi Yitzhok of Berditchev, Salomon Sulzer, Yossele Rosenblatt and Israel Goldfarb, as well as the Romany hymn “Gelem, gelem”. The programme also includes the rather romantic views of other musicians. Schumann‘s Zigeunerleben (“The Gypsy Life”) is a classic for boys’ choirs, and it has become something of a hymn for the Vienna Boys’ Choir. Their predecessors were on the road with their masters as early as the Middle Ages; and since 1924 a total of 2,218 members of the Vienna Boys’ Choir have made around a thousand tours to over a hundred countries.

Ticket prices:

Children and young people up to 18: 20 € / 15 € / 9 €

Adults: 27 € / 24 € / 21 €, Box seats: 37 €


  • conductor: Gerald Wirth
  • chief cantor: Shmuel Barzilai
  • choir leader: Kerem Sezen