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Slam in the MuTh
Workshop with Mieze Medusa

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The slam poetry scene is booming. In Vienna there are opportunities every month to deliver a few lines in front of an audience and compete for their favour. But how do you get to do that? Are there some tricks to it? In our Workshop we focus on the art of packaging your own thoughts in such a way that it’s fun to present them on stage. Slam poetry is stage poetry, it’s literature which is specially suitable for performance. We cover different sorts of texts such as prose, lyrics, rap, diaries, rhymes, spoonerisms and whatever else occurs to us. It’s all about breathing life into the spoken word – that is, into your own words – and having fun performing. Mieze Medusa is a pioneer of the Austrian poetry slam scene. She has been a slammer for more than 12 years, and she has been organising poetry slams for over 10 years, creating a platform for other performance poets in Vienna, Graz and elsewhere. She has taken her slam texts around the world

. In 2013, for example, she visited Uzbekistan, Rumania, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia, as well as peforming in Germany and Austria.

Tickets: € 15, Children and young people € 12

  • Mieze Medusa