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Songs & Beauties
Jazz & improvisation in modern culture / Uli Soyka

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The PAN TAU-X band “Songs & Beauties” works in the domains of jazz and improvised music, within a kind of European musical dialectic. The selected programme promises the players’ own memorable, melodic, angular compositions alongside a selection of pieces composed by others.

The music in the selected works is expressed in wonderful arrangements, spontaneous interpretations and free-form improvisation. With its thrilling diversity and the stunning interplay between a group of superb instrumentalists, this is beguiling music.

Let yourself be drawn away on a musical adventure into a “jazz-angled” world of sound – sometimes harmonious, sometimes dissonant, but always refreshing!

Ticket prices: Band A 25 € / B 21 € / C 14 €, Box seats,
Children and young people: A 20 € / B 15 € / C 9 €

  • alto saxophone, flute: Wolfgang Puschnig
  • piano, keyboard, sounds: Uli Rennert
  • guitar: Henrik Hallberg
  • double bass: Jan Roder
  • drums: Uli Soyka