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Songs for Mothers’ Day Concert by the Vienna Boys’ Choir
Concert by the Vienna Boys' Choir

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Mothers do a great deal for their children – and much of it goes unnoticed. Mothers’ Day is a time to celebrate mothers, and to say thank-you to them. The Vienna Boys’ Choir present a Concert for Mother’s Day at MuTh – including songs for the Virgin Mary, with madrigals, songs of spring, and songs of love. Especially for MuThers’ Day, they have been practising: Dvorák’s “Songs My Mother Taught Me” and music from “My Fair Lady”.

The perfect gift for mothers everywhere.

Tickets: €50/45/40; children and young people €30/25/20

  • Orchestra: Camerata Schulz Wien
  • Conductor: Jimmy Chiang
  • Choir: Wiener Sängerknaben