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Sound Colours
from the choirs of the BG and BRG Wien 3 schools

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On Tuesday 28th May 2013 at 18.30, four vocal groups from the BG und BRG Wien 3 (HIB) high school are showcased in a large-scale choral concert being held here at MuTh, with the theme of “Sound Colours”.

Our choirs provide all our school students with the opportunity to work on their voices extensively, going beyond the musical training they receive in the classroom and gaining experience of singing together in groups drawn from different classes. Over the past few years, the large number of students who are enthusiastic about choral singing has given rise to four choral groups: Chorino enables novice choristers from the first and second years to gain their first experience in choral singing, whilst the YOUNG-HIB-VOICES (the lower school) and the HIB-VOICES (upper school) develop an ambitious repertoire

The most recently formed vocal group is the Vocal Ensemble. This has come into being as a result of the introduction this year of a compulsory subject choice, to be selected from a range of alternative options. This allows students who already have some experience to gain further exposure to the ensemble singing environment, both in theory and in practice.

Over a hundred schoolchildren from each school year take part in these choirs all year round, performing in both internal and external concerts – such as at the Musikverein this year, and with great success at the Jugendsingen festival as well as at the University of Music. The choirs’ musical direction is provided by Beate Länger-Oelz (lower school) and Christoph Wigelbeyer (upper school)