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Sound. Talk: Mozart
Words + music

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His music is part of our life. It makes no difference whether you go to classical music concerts or not, We hear his music used in Hollywood films, advertisements and mobile ringtones. It features more often on Google, Amazon and iTunes than that of the biggest pop stars. Who was he, and what is the secret behind his music, music which has captivated people all around the world?
Between excerpts from Mozart’s most popular works, played by Camerata Schulz, Emanuel Schulz tells of the genius’s secrets; he talks of background events, and firm intentions that sound like accidents of fate. After this event, everyone will experience his music in a different way than before!


  • Viola: Lena Fankhauser
  • Violin: Veronika Schulz
  • Piano: Emanuel Schulz
  • Flute: Matthias Schulz
  • Cello: Julia Schreyvogel