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TrioVanBeethoven in the MuTh Foto: Moritz Schell

Soundscapes no. 3
Symphonic masterpieces in Piano Trio form / TrioVanBeethoven in the MuTh

Haydn produced a great wealth of ideas for the piano trio, and so he serves as a kind of navigational aid in this particular musical world! Setting out from the safe haven of his work, it’s easy to explore the waters and soundscapes of Impressionism and Neoclassicism created by composers such as Maurice Ravel and the solitary Franz Schubert.  Both the compositions performed in this concert are masterpieces of symphonic proportions.

Joseph Haydn: Piano Trio in G major, Hob. XV:25 (“Gypsy Rondo”)
Maurice Ravel: Piano trio in A minor, (1914)
Franz Schubert: Piano trio in B flat major, Opus 99 (DV 898)

Tickets: Band A €39/ B €35/ C €29; box seats €49; MuTh Student Club, children and young people: A €20 / B €15 / C €9

  • Piano: Clemens Zeilinger
  • Violin: Verena Stourzh
  • Cello: Franz Ortner