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Soyka & Stirner / Turumtay & Zaric
Double concert featuring music from their CDs

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Soyka & Stirner
Tanz II

… true gentlemen of Vienna will show elegance and determination in doing that which is right and proper, such as making music in the correct fashion… Some of the pieces in this collection are traditional, either handed down or written down; some are new, and have only just been created. But none of them are complete until they have been brought to life, crying and laughing, by the gentle yet powerful instruments of Walther Soyka and Karl Stirner.  (Ernst Molden on Tanz II)

Button accordion: Walther Soyka
Zither: Karl Stirner

Turumtay / Zaric:
AD SPEM; For hope

Efe Turumtay and Nikola Zaric are completely at home in the multi-layered rhythms and tones of the Orient and the Balkans, and they bring these sounds to the worlds of tango, jazz, chamber music and classical music. The accordion and the violin blend closely together; sometimes it almost seems like a single instrument is expressing its soul and capturing the listener.

Violin, oud: Efe Turumtay
Accordion: Nikola Zaric
Guests: Jelena Krstic, Özden Öksüz and Birgit Denk.

  • Nikola Zaric
  • Özden Öksüz
  • Jelena Krstic
  • Efe Turumtay
  • Walther Soyka
  • Karl Stirner
  • Birgit Denk