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St John Passion
Produced by the Vienna Boys’ Choir/ Chorus Viennensis / Camerata Schulz / Tanz die Toleranz

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(Passio secundum Johannem) BWV 245
A dramatic perfromance

In his St John Passion, Johann Sebastian Bach created one of the most important and one of the most beautiful interpretations of the life of Jesus. It is not Christ Himself, but Man, humanity at large – with John the Evangelist foremost among them – that stands at the heart of the piece. This altered perspective pushes the question of how the Crucifixion took place into the background, and makes space for the real question: why did this happen?

The fate of the individual in Bach’s Passions is inseparably intertwined with the fate of the many, providing a deep insight into the interior of the characters. People are looking for answers; answers that, even today, we have yet to find. Then as now, we stand uncomprehendingly in front of this story’s events. How could it all go so far? A question which the Vienna Boys’ Choir wants to delve into, in this dramatic rendering of the Bach Passion. The Vienna Boys’ Choir and Chorus Viennensis sing; the Vienna Boys’ Choir Sinfonietta play on original baroque instruments. The arias for soprano and alto voices are sung by soloists from the Vienna Boys’ Choir.

Ticket prices: Band A 27 € / B 24 € / C 21 €, Box seats 37 €
Children and young people: A 20 € / B 15 € / C 9 €

  • tenor: Gernot Heinrich
  • bass: Erasmus Baumgartner
  • bass: Sepp Strobl
  • bass: Oliver Stech
  • bass: Eduard Hahn
  • costume: Markus Kuscher
  • lightdesign: Veronika Mayerböck
  • dramaturgy: Tina Breckwoldt
  • musical directo, conductor: Gerald Wirth
  • conductor: Manolo Cagnin
  • choreography: Monica Delgadillo Aguilar
  • choreography-assistance: Sayed Labib