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stilBrüche – Bridging styles
mdw in the MuTh

* abgespielt

An evening of contrasts: this piece is arranged for the classical string configuration plus electronics. Based on Sofia Gubaidulina’s last string quartet to date, it acts as a bridge for us, spanning the distance to early music. Henry Purcell’s ingenious fantasies, originally composed for viola ensemble, are heard here transcribed for string quartet. Carlo Gesualdo’s Madrigals, which were incredibly advanced for their time, delight in exploring the possibilities of harmony to the fullest extent possible. In place of the original vocal arrangement, five clarinettists will breathe fresh life into these pieces. Having delved into these tonal and harmonic opportunities, the logical next step is for the young composers of the mdw to present their work at MuTh.

Tickets: Band A €20/ B €17/ C €13; box seats €30
Children and young people: A €13 / B €10 / C €8