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Selini Quartett, Fotocredit: Damian Posse Selini Quartett, Fotocredit: Damian Posse

String quartet for a moonlit night
Kulturmittag (Arts at Lunchtime) with the Selini Quartet

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Inspired by Greek mythology, the Selini Quartet borrows its name from Seline, the goddess of the moon. The semi-circular form of the string quartet reminds us of a quarter moon, with each member of the quartet symbolising one of the four lunar phases.

The four musicians play works by Haydn and Mozart, as well as Erwin Schulhoff’s expressive “Five pieces for string quartet”. Listen, and you’ll be amazed!

Tickets: €17; box seats €25; senior citizens €14; children, young people and wheelchair users €9

  • Violin: Nadia Kalmykova
  • Violin: Ljuba Kalmykova
  • Viola: Loredana Apetrei
  • Cello: Loukia Loulaki