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Sprinzl in the MuTh 19-20_c_Moritz Schell Sprinzl in the MuTh 19-20_c_Moritz Schell

Sun, moon and stars: A musical journey through the universe.
Wissen Sie schon...(Did you know)? Sprinzl in the MuTh

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Natural phenomena in the spaces between livelihood, fascination and danger. Sunrises, planets and asteroids are just a few of the phenomena that have inspired musicians down the years to write some quite incredible compositions. And only very rarely did they have any real knowledge of their subjects. This musical journey takes in the sun, moon and stars. We travel through outer space across the centuries toward a harmonious conclusion, helped by the music of Haydn, Wagner, Richard Strauss, John Williams, and many more besides!

  • Host: Michael Sprinzl