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Konzert Konzerthaus Vienna, Austria 2012

Superar 31
A joint project between Caritas, the Vienna Boys Choir and the Vienna Boys Choir Concert Hall

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superar believe that music is needed to strengthen both spirit and soul, so it is an important part of healthy nutrition. By giving children and young people free support in the areas of choral singing, dance and, at a future date, orchestral music, superar helps them develop into happy, intelligent and self-confident people who treat others with respect.

The Superar Choir, which presently comprises 600 children, is led by professional musicians in Vienna. Children at five schools and a kindergarten are taught singing every day. You can sense the children’s enthusiasm, joy and growing self-esteem when you hear them sing together or see one of their regular performances.

In 2013, TANZ MIT SUPERAR (Dance with superar) will be turning the largest district in Vienna, Favoriten, upside down. With the help of a Community Centre, the whole area will be transformed into a vibrant place of culture.

By enabling them to appear on well-known stages such as the Wiener Konzerthaus, superar gives young people visibility and recognition in the community. In addition, superar provides an opportunity for them to keep developing their abilities to various levels.

Ticket prices:
Children and young people up to 18: 9 € / 7 € / 5 €
Adults: 15 € / 13 € / 11 €, Box seats: 25 €

  • correpetition: Christian Hummer
  • dancer: Royston Maldoom
  • dancer: Hakan (Danny) Redjep
  • dancer: Nadia Iftkhar
  • choir leader: Michael Wagenthaler
  • choir leader: Olena Nechay-Nosal
  • choir leader: Peiju Tsai-Hellmich
  • choir leader: Rafael Neira
  • choir leader: Ariana Pullano
  • choir leader: Stefan Foidl
  • conductor: Gerald Wirth
  • conductor: Stefan Foidl