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((superar)) Summer concert
Summer concert

* abgespielt

Superar, transcending (borders), surpassing (themselves)

Just as they did in 2015, Superar will round off the school year with three unusual concerts at MuTh. Over these three days more than 600 Superar children will present a richly varied programme, ranging from the classic to the contemporary. Come along and experience first-hand the unmistakeable energy and spirit that Superar creates when the bell rings for the start of the summer holidays.

The participants include: choirs from the Gaullachergasse, Eulenschule, Sir Karl Popper Schule, Wichtelgasse, Haebergasse, Landhausschule, Bendagasse, and Leimäckergasse primary schools; the Kauerhof kindergarten choir; the Superar Orchestra; the Superar Youth Choir; and the “Back on Stage” youth choir.

Tickets: €5; children: €2

  • Choir: superar