Musik & Theater

Syrian Cultural Days
Day One

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Sali Betinzane: Crimson Soil / Maya Youssef: Traditional Arab music / Mozaik: Arabian songs presented with a classical vision / Orwa Saleh Quartet: Modern oriental music – jazz – electronic elements A total of 22 artists from Syria and other countries present two days of music, dance and theatre: The Syrian artists are graduates of the famous Syrian Academy of the Performing Arts. Because of the conflict raging in their homeland, they are all now living in Europe. In this festival we are celebrating the tenacity of life, music, and creativity, and expressing our wish for a more hopeful life for the world in general, and for Syria in particular. Tickets: Adults: one day €25, both days €40 Students and refugees: one day €15, both days €25

  • Maya Youssef
  • Sali Betinzane
  • Orwa Saleh