Musik & Theater

Taster session in the Studio
Try-out session no. 4 for new pieces of musical theatre

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So far, more than 20 composers have submitted their work. At each try-out session, we perform extracts from two previously unperformed works in the form of dramatic readings. Our high-quality ensemble meets at noon and studies the works. At 8 pm you can see the piece performed live, in true 3D! Who will play who? Watch and see!

The Ensemble: Eva Billisich, Maja Hakvoort, Sigrid Hauser, Lisa Rombach, Tanja Golden, Nathalia Ushakova, Reinwald Kranner, Herbert Lippert, Markus Mitterhuber, Erich Schleyer, Thomas Weinhappel, Otto Jankovich and many more. Musical Director: Alexander Jost

Tickets: €18 Children and young people €12

  • Benjamin McQuade
  • Clemens Kölbl
  • Alice Rath
  • Camillo Dell Antonio
  • Sarah Zechner
  • Bettina Soriat
  • Erich Schleyer
  • Lisa Rombach
  • Otto Jankovich
  • Reinwald Kranner
  • Alexander Jost