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Taster session in the Studio
Try-out session no. 6 for new pieces of musical theatre

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Once again, we are presenting two new pieces of musical theatre, performed as musical read-throughs: “Stephanie”, an operetta by Thomas Bierling, and “Living in Paradise”, a musical by Günther Fiala and René Tillmann.
Our ensemble includes: Eva Billisich, Sigrid Hauser, Bettina Soriat, Lisa Rombach, Tanja Golden, Martin Berger, Herbert Lippert, Erich Schleyer, Thomas Weinhappel, and many more besides. Musical Director: Alexander Jost.
Who will be singing? What will they sing? Come along and see!

This season again features four events, and the rules are the same as before. At each try-out session, we perform extracts from two previously unperformed works in the form of dramatic readings. Our ensemble of top-notch performers meets at noon to go through the pieces – and at 8pm you can see them performed live, in real 3D!

Tickets: €18