Musik & Theater

Taster sessions in the Studio
Try-out sessions for new pieces of musical theatre

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The Ensemble: Eva Billisich, Sigrid Hauser, Nicole Neiss, Nathalia Ushakova, Herbert Lippert, Erich Schleyer, Otto Jankovich, Reinwald Kranner, Markus Mitterhuber and many others

Musical direction: Bomi Kim, Manolo Cagnin, Jimmy Chiang and Oliver Stech

Art needs a space. Spaces encourage interaction. New work needs an opportunity. Our aim is to provide an opportunity for new musical theatre projects in our Studio. So we are inviting authors and composers to try out their latest works in front of an audience.  The ensemble can demonstrate their artistic capabilities, playing, singing and improvising to their heart’s content. Authors and composers can finally drag their major new creations out of the bottom drawer and bring them to the stage.

Tickets: € 18; children and young people: € 12

  • Alexander Jost
  • Eva Billisich
  • Nicole Neiss
  • Sigrid Hauser
  • Herbert Lippert
  • Otto Jankovich
  • Reinwald Kranner
  • Markus Mitterhuber