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The Adamas Quartet
Presented by Jeunesse in collaboration with MuTh

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“The Adamas Quartet is the most interesting young string quartet in Vienna today”. That is how Otto Brusatti of radio station Ö1 described this group of talented young musicians. Their naturalness, standard of playing and joy in music-making has been delighting audiences not only in Austria, but also in other countries such as Armenia, Greece, Slovenia, Croatia, Italy, Germany, the USA, France, Bulgaria, Poland, Venezuela and Turkey. The four young musicians have already proven their talent with the prizes they have won in numerous competitions.

The Adamas Quartet is also active in unconventional types of musical communication, combining different art forms such as drama and music or speech and music. In artistic terms, the Adamas Quartet always tries to take the untravelled road, whilst linking this with the familiar. This fits with their overarching concern – to create concerts which are always lively and full of contrast.

J. Haydn: String Quartet in B minor Hob. III:37
C. Debussy: String Quartet in G minor Op. 10
P. Haas : String Quartet No. 2 Op. 7 “From the Monkey Mountains”

Ticket prices: Band A 27 € / B 24 € / C 21 €
Children and young people: A 13.50 € / B 12 € / C 10.50 €

Tickets available from or call (01) 505 63 56

  • viola: Anna Dekan
  • violin: Roland Herret
  • violin: Claudia Schwarzl
  • cello: Jakob Gisler
  • drums: Ivan Bulbitski