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The fourth “Strategie Austria” symposium

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Everything we produce is based on decisions. Decisions in favour or decisions against. Yet it is becoming ever more difficult to actually make decisions. We all want everything. But at the same time, fewer and fewer take responsibility for their decisions. In order to consider this topic from a diverse range of perspectives, “Strategie Austria”, the Austrian advocacy organisation for communication and brand strategies, is hosting a day-long event which brings together speakers from the worlds of architecture and philosophy as well as future studies and advertising. The international group of speakers addressing this topic is: Prof. FRIEDRICH VON BORRIES, who operates in the boundaries between urban development, architecture, design and art. Friedrich von Borries teaches at the University of Fine Arts in Hamburg, where he is Professor of Design Theory. His areas of activity include design and strategy development as well as academic studies and placement assignments. Dr JENS BRAAK. Physicist and futurist. Latest book: Zufallstreffer. Dealing successfully with the unplannable. Jens Braak holds a Doctorate in Physics. As a chaos researcher, Dr Braak understands the role of chance in complex systems and he has used this to develop his approach for managing chance successfully. ANDREAS SALCHER. Dr Andreas Salcher is a company consultant, a best-selling author and a leading critical thinker on education topics. HANS CHRISTIAN DANY. Artist, author, curator, consultant. Lives in Hamburg. Degree in Art from HfbK Hamburg. His “catchphrase”: Tomorrow I’ll turn into an idiot. Cybernetics and the control-oriented society are portrayed as a “bright, cauterizing stroll through the inner depths, the evolving history and the nightmares of a society obsessed with self-improvement”. Admission: “Strategie Austria” members: free (number of tickets dependent on membership) Members of affiliated associations: 220 euros Non-members: 300 euros Students (80 tickets available): 48 euros Further details at