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The Boy and the Sea
Benjamin Britten

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Returning to MuTh for the 2014 season, by popular demand! Benjamin Britten had two great passions: music and the sea. And you can certainly hear that in his work! The full power of the sea seems to force its way into his compositions. Britten’s works tell of sailors and of fishermen, of the boundless ocean,  of stormy nights spent on the high seas. The salt spray foams and the wind roars through his compositions, and – before you know it – the music has carried you away, out onto the open sea. A hundred years ago, the waves crashed onto the beaches of England’s east coast with the same force as they do today. The music of Benjamin Britten, who was born on this coastline exactly one hundred years ago, holds as strong a fascination now as it did in his lifetime. And that’s why the Vienna Boys’ Choir are setting out on a voyage in the wake of this famous composer. They discover a treasure trove of music on their journey, unearthing a rather special gem: a pirate adventure, which Britten composed specifically for the choir. Tickets: €29/26/23; box seats €39; children and young people €20/15/9

  • director: Christiane Lutz
  • choir: Wiener Sängerknaben
  • musical director: Gerald Wirth
  • actor: Nicholas Habjan
  • equipment: Natascha Maraval
  • conductor: Jimmy Chang

„Auf den Spuren Brittens "segeln". Die Leidenschaft macht's aus! Wiener Sängerknapen singen und spielen kurze Oper Benjamin Brittens und erzählen rundherum die Lebensgeschichte des Komponisten.“ 5.11. 2013