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The Ernst Krenek Prize for Composition – the Prizewinners’ Concert
the Musikuniversität Wien present three premiere performances

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The Musikuniversität Wien and the Ernst Krenek Institut take great pleasure in jointly presenting the Ernst Krenek Composition Prize to the prizewinners at MuTh .

The Prize for Composition was first awarded to students or graduates of the Vienna University for Music and the Performing Arts in 2013. The three prizewinners – Tomasz Skweres, Sebastian Bahr and Alessandro Baticci – have already made a name for themselves as composers internationally, as well as receiving numerous prizes and composing for famous ensembles. The works being premiered here are receiving their first performance in the hands of students from Musikuniversität Wien under the baton of Simeon Pironkoff.

Ernst Krenek: Five short pieces for strings, Op. 116
Tomas Skweres: Obsession for string orchestra (premiere performance)
Sebastian Bahr: Nuances for string orchestra (premiere performance)
Alessandro Baticci: Night thoughts for string orchestra (premiere performance)
Ernst Krenek: Sinfonietta a Brasileira Op.131

Ticket prices: € 12
Children and young people: € 7